Goods and Service Tax

Consulting Services

Written Opinions / Clarifications on GST Issues: This service involves providing legal opinions and clarifications on any specific issues related to GST that clients may have.

Drafting Agreements to Avoid Tax Demand and Litigation: This service entails helping clients draft agreements that are in line with GST regulations to avoid potential tax demands and legal disputes.

Providing On-Call Support and Assistance: This service offers clients continuous support and assistance related to GST matters through on-call support, ensuring they have access to guidance whenever they need it.

Comprehensive retainer services provided for the smooth management of regular GST compliances, including:

  • Assisting with GST law registration
  • Conducting accurate computations of tax liabilities
  • Providing guidance and managing the submission of various GST returns and forms
  • Handling the filing of refund and rebate claims

Compliance and Advisory Services

These services are crucial in ensuring that businesses are well- prepared for any potential audits, scrutiny, or search and seizure operations by the tax authorities. Here's an overview of the services I provide:

Review and Fix Compliance Deficiencies: This service involves conducting a comprehensive review of the client's tax-related documents and processes to identify any non-compliance issues and rectify them before any audit, scrutiny, or search/seizure activities by the authorities.

Representation Before Tax Authorities: This service entails representing and defending the client's interests before the tax department during audits, scrutiny processes, or search and seizure operations.

Preparation of MIS Reports as Requisitioned by the Department: This service involves assisting clients in preparing Management Information System (MIS) reports requested by the tax department, ensuring that the reports are accurate and comply with the requirements.

Preparation of Necessary Replies: This service involves assisting clients in drafting and submitting necessary replies to spot/deficiency memos, show cause notices, and demands issued by the tax authorities to address any concerns raised and provide appropriate justifications or explanations.